Established from 1993, Guangdong Westa Electrical Appliances & Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer and professional electric oven,toaster and other kitchen appliances manufacturer in Shunde, Foshan. With yearsof development, the enterprise now has more than 1000 staffs and 45000 squaremeters modernized factory construction. Our products are approved and trustedby more than 50 counties and districts, million of consumers.

Westa already became one of the mostprofessional electric oven and toaster manufacturer in China, We are proud to be the pilot for China Electric Heating Technology.

Our brand ‘changdi’, is the leadingbrand in e-commerce market in China for years, which was awarded as “Well knowntrademark in Guangdong” in 2014, and also was awarded “Famous brand product ofGuangdong” in 2015.We are now gradually switches from the traditional electric oven manufacturer to the diversifiedintelligent kitchen items designer and manufacturer.

In 2017, Westa started the intelligent kitchen project(China market), it covers intelligent kitchen oven, build in oven, and theventilator, gas cooker, built-in disinfection cabinet, based on the advantageof “Made In Shunde” home appliances ,and Shunde traditional food culture. Weare now devoting ourselves to combine the “Shunde home appliances + Global gourmet+Internet”, to build the combination for intelligent kitchen appliances systemand global gourmet culture.



  • 1991

    The director of Westa started to establishhis career in 1991.  Westa is the fewcompanies which entered the electric oven industry in early time in Shunde. Westahas been focusing on development good quality electric ovens for more than 20years.

  • 1993

    In the early time(from 1991), Westa has been focusing on development different function, various size electric ovens for oversea and domestic market, majority of users. 


  • 1994

    For better customer experience, Westa developed the rotisserie and convection function electric oven who getting the idea frommodernized design and technique.

  • 1995

    The good advantage for infrared ray isquality stable, quick heat efficiency, great electric power, power saving, longlife, etc.. It is quickly developed technique of heating and energy conservation from 1980s. Westa apply this infrared ray technique on the heating of our electric oven.

  • 1996

    After certain years of building, Westa has remarkably improved in aspects of productappearance, product structural design and product manufacturing technique. Westahas been achieving the leading position and great reputation in the China electricoven industry, hence Westa was known as ‘professional electric ovenmanufacturer’ in many oversea clients. Westa has exported good quality productsto Europe, Americaand other countries, from 1996, who are maintaining good business partnership with customers from dozens of countries and regions around the world till now. 

  • 2000


    In Westa, we foundthat the design of Electric oven was not tall enough and easy to burn out thefoods. To imported our products, Westa created the cube chamber designed for ovencavity. The classic oven model CK-25B, which solved the problems perfectly.

  • 2001

    One of the Westaspirit is innovation. We innovative our products, not limited to the productsfunction, the production technique, we also improve our products appearance, andbrings waves of new design for Electric oven. Westa was awarded national patentby innovated the three-dimensional arc-shape oven appearance.

  • 2004


    Each hectowatt canensure the demand of heat supply of baking foods in 1.50-1.80 liter cubage by Westa produced electric oven. That is, with the same power in the market, Westa ovenis more efficiency. 

    Westa digital control electric oven, is with accurate control temperature ±2°Cwhich leading other digital oven design in the market.It also can operate with one key baking, which is easier and convenient forcustomers cooking.

  • 2008


    Since establishing, the main market of Westa electricoven is oversea market. After years of hard work, Westa exported volume reached 2 million units in one year. To meet various market demands, particularly the China market customers consumption habit, in 2008,Westa involved in e-commerce for Electric oven selling, which made the salesvolume kept rising in China market. 

  • 2009


        In 2009, Westa developed the coolfermentation electric oven with full range temperature in China market.This new temperature control technique gave more using functions to bakingamateurs, brought the industry revolution and became the oven manufacturestandard. 

  • 2012

    Westa signed officially with Junzhi, thefamous gourmet blog writer in China,who will be as Changdi electric oven national poster.

    At the mean time, Westa developed the electricoven which can make up and down independent temperature control, that broughtagain the industry windstorm and created the new selling raising.

  • 2013


    Ever since Westa involved in e-commerce, the Westa oven has been chasing by the baking amateurs, the quality and reputation is the key to win sales volume. According to the authority market survey report in China, ‘Changdi’, the domestic registered trademark, has been as the NO.1 selling brand in Electric oven e-commerce selling, from 2009 to 2013.

  • 2014


    Westa was awarded the honor of “Guangdong well known trademark” and “Guangdong famous-brandproducts” in May.,2016. ‘Changdi’ new design 3.5v electric oven were sold 30,000 units within 70 hours, which became the oven industry selling news andmedia reported a lot about that.

  • 2016

    Westa was selected as committee coremember in“Chinese export home appliance quality and technology promotioncommittee”.

          Westa was awarded Thescientific and technological advancement award in 2016 (of Xingtan)”